"It's not especially common for artists to make their best albums three and a half decades down the line. Nevertheless, that's exactly what Ellen Foley seems to have done with About Time."  Critical Mob 

"Ellen Foley has returned with a mature, personal, and powerful album."  Blogcritics

"The Ballad of Ellen Foley" New York Magazine

"The dark, reflective tone of Foglino's Zevon-esque songcraft and Foley's spunky delivery are a match made in roots rock heaven." Rockwired Radio

"It's good to see a cult heroine from thirty years ago still at the top of her game, picking up like she never left off." New York Music Daily

"With a record of this quality and Ellen's voice remaining so remarkable, you want to cry, 'What took you so long?'"  antiMusic

"Ms. Foley is back on the battlefield with her first album in thirty years - a kick-ass roots rock affair aptly entitled About Time." Huffington Post

"In 2014, Foley’s vocals are ripe and refined, treading towards Americana and blues/jazz terrain that give her songs not just immense appeal, yet show in no uncertain terms that that Foley is on top of her game as a vocalist. However it’s the sheer quality and depth of the songs that give her the space for expression as a vocalist, and collectively, the songs on ‘About Time’ are superb."  Rockbrat

"It was a real thrill to speak with Ellen recently about her new release. Here's our conversation:" antiMusic