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“Are You Good Enough?,” so rocks right out of the gate that it is thrilling. And this thrill expanded even more as I listened to it the first time. And also the next thousand-plus times. It is the kind of rock and roll we’ve missed: essential and pure, beautifully written by Paul Foglino, real-time and true, and embodied totally by Ellen Foley like nobody else could. Usually when an album opens with a song this good, the ones that follow rarely measure up. Yet this entire song cycle makes no promises it doesn’t keep throughout. Paul Zollo - American Songwriter
Ellen Foley has aged gracefully. With all she has accomplished in her life, the lady has nothing left to prove to anyone. It is obvious here that she is enjoying what she is doing, and that comes through in every syllable sung. That is the rich quality of Fighting Words, the reason why it is so accessible and essential, even in this manufactured world of the 21st century. It is the perfect, sit back and blast album, and hopefully we don’t have to wait as long for a follow-up. Kevin Burke - The Big Takeover 
In Ms. Foley’s first album for eight years, Fighting Words, the gloves are off, the bell has rung, and Ms. Foley comes out opposing the thought of beige retirement, and instead, with the majestic help of songwriter Paul Foglino, boxes the ears of the impudent and uncaring with songs that are cutting, insightful, personal. Ian D Hall - Liverpool Sound and Vision
Ellen Foley is back with a vengeance. Fighting Words is an impressive and timely statement from a rock-and-roll survivor. Joe Marchese - The Second Disc
Foley’s sharp songwriting and raw, personal delivery certainly points to the ‘70s as she creates a topical, timeless rock’n’roll gem. Take Effect
'Fighting Words' is full of powerful tracks that prove Foley is far from mellowing, even as she enters her fifth decade in the entertainment business. Katherine Yeske Taylor - Rock & Roll Globe

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