Netherlands Tour - January 2023

All Tour Dates have been postponed due to illness. Sorry!

Video! 'I'm Just Happy to Be Here,' featuring Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito!

This photo sort of says it all. Beautiful, feisty joyful friendship. As I said about Jim Steinman, Meat brought me into the consciousness of the rock 'n' roll world. And through Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I get to be a horny teenager for all time. 

Meat: I will love you forever.

Fighting Words: Best of 2021!

'One of the greatest and most passionately true rock albums in recent times.'                                                                          - Paul Zollo, American Songwriter


Ellen Foley's new album, Fighting Words, is now available! The CD can be found at Amazon. Autographed CDs are at Bandcamp.

Stream it at Spotify, Apple, and many other fine streaming services.

In Europe, the CD is now available by mail order using this link from Shiny Beast in the Netherlands. If you are in Europe and you would like to offer Fighting Words for sale, you can get the CD  from Clear Spot distributors, also in the Netherlands. 

 It's a rocking collection of eleven tracks mostly written by her longtime collaborator, Paul Foglino. The album's first single, "I'm Just Happy to Be Here," finds Ellen duetting with Karla DeVito. Both women were featured vocalists during Meat Loaf's mega-platinum Bat Out of Hell period (1977). Additional guests on Fighting Words include bassist C. P. Roth (Ozzy Osbourne, Suzanne Vega, Garland Jeffreys), drummer Steve Goulding (Graham Parker & The Rumour, The Mekons), vocalist Ula Hedwig (Darlene Love, Bette Midler), and many other stellar artists. The album features Ellen's covers of Wilson Pickett's "I Found a Love" and Jim Steinman's "Heaven Can Wait."

Ellen is Listening