"In 2014, Foley’s vocals are ripe and refined, treading towards Americana and blues/jazz terrain that give her songs not just immense appeal, yet show in no uncertain terms that that Foley is on top of her game as a vocalist. However it’s the sheer quality and depth of the songs that give her the space for expression as a vocalist, and collectively, the songs on ‘About Time’ are superb."  Rockbrat
"About Time" "A kickass roots rock affair, aptly entitled.Huffington Post

"A Rock-n-Roll Queen Goes Americana: It's About Time for Ellen Foley." No Depression

"It's not especially common for artists to make their best albums three and a half decades down the line. Nevertheless, that's exactly what Ellen Foley seems to have done with About Time." Critical Mob

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Ellen Foley's new album, About Time, available here, looked to the music that started her down this road as a teenager in St. Louis, the three-minute masterpieces that made her into a singer: The Shirelles, The Rolling Stones, The Shangri-Las. To make the record, she enlisted coproducer Eric Ambel, from the legendary roots rock band The Del Lords: cowriter Paul Foglino, award-winning songwriter from cult favorites 5 Chinese Brothers; and The Worried Men, musicians drawn from her past, present, and future.

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