From the recording About Time

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I've Been Around the Block and Back (Foglino)

I’ve been broken hearted
I’ve been disregarded
I’ve been treated badly
By fools I suffered gladly
I’ve worked hard at everything I’ve learned
Every scar I’ve earned
Every time I’ve been burned
Blue and black
I’ve been there and returned
I’ve been around the block and back

You love them and you leave them
Bluff them and deceive them
Trick them with a swagger
And stick them with a dagger
You think that you’re gonna make me cry
Tell me lies
Leave me tied
To the railroad track
Go ahead and try
I’ve been around the block and back

When you’re tired of talking twaddle
With some supermodel
And tired of teaching schoolgirls
The lessons of the cruel world
If you want a woman who will bake your bread
Make your bed
Give you
A heart attack
Try me instead
I’ve been around the block and back